Construction Contractor Compliance &
16 Affirmative Action Steps

Construction Contractor Compliance & 16 Affirmative Action Steps

Companies that engage 15 or more employees and hold a federal or federally-assisted contract or subcontract for more than $10,000 are obligated to comply with the “16 Affirmative Action Steps” (aka “16 Steps”). The 16 Steps are also pronounced in the FHWA 1273 for federal highway construction contractors and are included in most state departments of transportation contracts. Due to the fluid nature of the construction industry, written AAPs for minorities and females are not required for construction contracts. However, through the 16 Steps contractors have many similar obligations as Service & Supply Contractors. Some of these obligations include, but are not limited to, good-faith recruiting and selection of minorities and females, work-hour utilization analyses, Impact Ratio Analyses, periodic EEO/Affirmative Action/Anti-Harassment Training, and other workforce assessment and development obligations. Be advised that if the contract is a direct federal construction contract or subcontract (like a federal courthouse, VA hospital, military facility, etc.), construction contractors are required to develop and execute written AAPs for Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities.

Dyas HRD works with construction contractors of all sizes and in most construction sectors to aid and support labor compliance obligations. We have developed a streamlined process to execute the required functions of the 16 Steps and have proprietary software to aid and support many of the fundamental outreach and recruiting obligations. Our intentions and efforts are designed to be supportive and effective without burdening time-sensitive construction operations. In most cases, our platform enables higher levels of workforce development, which generally leads to better production and lower cost of turnover and liability. Contact us directly for more information about this topic.