Good-Faith Recruiting and Job Listing

Good-Faith Recruiting and Job Listing

All government contractors and subcontractors share the obligation to conduct good-faith outreach and actively recruit and select qualified minority, female, veteran, and Individuals with Disabilities. The regulations call for contractors to actively list all job openings with local state employment services and other “meaningful” referral sources that are likely to yield diversified applicant pools. Records must be kept of all efforts and results, and all employment selections must have documented evidence that good-faith efforts were made to recruit and employ candidates without regard to any covered class of candidate. This is one of the fundamental principles of Affirmative Action. They will ask: What efforts are you making to actively seek and engage diversity in your workplace?

Since 2004, Dyas HRD has conducted ongoing efforts to build an extensive network of good-faith recruitment sources and have partnered with them through our proprietary job listing system. Jobs are listed directly with these referral sources and posted on our own Good-Faith Outreach Jobs Board,

This product automatically extracts job opening information from our clients and communicates the available information to this network of good-faith referral sources and creates tangible, meaningful, and compliant recruiting efforts. Our methodology has proven to be among the most innovative, cost-effective, and compliant systems available to contractors (or to any company trying to create a more robust applicant pool). This system offers direct benefits to corporate recruiters and HR managers by announcing job openings to more local resources and increasing the diversity of the relevant applicant pools. It relieves substantial administrative time related to referral source development and it formally lists the positions with the State Employment Service job boards and other recruiting sources as required by regulations. Moreover, it automates and documents the entire process as required by AAPs.

In short, it is an automated job listing and good-faith outreach support tool. It cuts down administrative time by 500 percent and explicitly maintains all required recordkeeping as required by AAPs.

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