Testimonial from John C. Thompson, Vice President and Director, EBSCO Industries, Inc.

"Dyas Human Resources has been helping us with our Affirmative Action Plans and advising us in other related areas since 2004. During this time, they have always represented us in a professional, knowledgable and attentive manner in every way. Their attention to detail and expert advise have ensured our continued compliance with OFCCP Regulations at a reasonable cost and with a minimally intrusive process. Dyas Human Resources personnel always gets the job done in a timely, professional fashion, and get it right the first time. Their work is always well-conceived and tailored to address any situation at hand. I heartily recommend their services to any company, no matter how large or small, without reservation."

John C. Thompson
Vice President and Director
Human Resources
EBSCO Industries, Inc.

Testimonial from Aimee Comer, Director of Human Resources, Robins & Morton

“Dyas HRD is not just a vendor to Robins & Morton, they are a partner. They work with us to ensure compliance and help us make decisions that best support our organizational goals. They took the time to learn our business and how we approach items. With that understanding, that make recommendations that fit us. We could not be happier with a firm than we are with Dyas. I highly recommend Dyas HRD to anyone needing federal compliance assistance”

Aimee Comer, Director of Human Resources
Robins & Morton

David Formby, Manager, Whitaker Contacting Corporation

“DYAS has been providing our company with EEO assistance, along with various Human Resource training and documentation since 2007. DYAS has always been efficient and courteous, and I would recommend DYAS to any company that has EEO requirements.”

David Formby,
Office Manager
Whitaker Contacting Corporation

Testimonial from Bobby Webster, Vice President of Human Resources, Miller & Miller, Inc.

"Our company can feel confident we are in compliance without worrying that we have overlooked or disregarded required steps necessary to meet federal and state regulations. Dyas Human Resource Development has been instrumental in the success of our Human Resources Department and we feel any company would benefit from having Dyas as part of their team."

Bobby Webster
Vice President/Director of Human Resources
Miller & Miller, Inc.

Testimonial from Tracie Cruse, Human Resources, DRS Test & Energy Management, LLC

"Our company has been using DYAS for Affirmative Action Plans and compensation analysis for 7 years. Their professionalism, efficiency and expertise has proved invaluable in keeping us compliant and up to date with the ever-changing regulations in the DoD market. DYAS is always available to answer questions, and is there to support us during audits."

Tracie Cruse
Human Resources
DRS Test & Energy Management, LLC

Testimonial from Coy Gayle, Manager, BAE Systems

"Dyas has provided my company high quality professional services that has led to a positive results from the OFCCP audit. The complete process was accomplished very effectively within a short time and at a very reasonable cost."

Coy Gayle
Human Resources Manager
BAE Systems

Testimonial from William Scott Albritton, President, Amtec Inc.

"The Dyas team supports our company with expert guidance and outstanding products that helps us ensure our compliance to EEOC/OFCCP requirements. Their service to us has stood the test of time and has proven itself on more than one occasion. Year in and year out, Dyas contributes to our success in a meaningful way. To any firm looking for assistance regarding EEOC/OFCCP matters, look no further than Dyas Human Resources."

William Scott Albritton
Amtec Inc.

Testimonial from Bill Lalor, Vice President of Risk Management and Corporate Compliance, B.L. Harbert International

“DYAS has been a compliment to our team for over a decade. We’ve been through multiple OFCCP audits with them, and their EEO/Affirmative Action support services reduce our burden considerably. They continue to keep us caught up in the constantly changing world of compliance and manage to do it for a reasonable cost.”

Bill Lalor, Vice President of Risk Management and Corporate Compliance
B.L. Harbert International

Testimonial from Jennifer M. Wright, Director of Human Resources, Hoar Construction

"As a customer for over a decade, I am pleased to call DYAS my partner in perfecting Hoar’s Affirmative Action initiatives. DYAS has provided excellent strategic and tactical services to us in developing our plans, audits, reporting, and researching future legislations impacts. They have made a very complex process into a simple process and have educated us the entire way through. They have been a true asset to my team."

Jennifer M. Wright
Director of Human Resources
Hoar Construction/Hoar Program Management

Testimonial from Frank Humphrey, Human Resources Manager,Adtran, Inc.

In one of my first meetings after joining the HILG group over 5 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Jeanne Carmichael give a presentation preparing an AAP and responding to an OFCCP audit. I was struck by how detailed her presentation was and the depth of knowledge she had in answering questions from everyone. Two months later Dyas Human Resources became ADTRAN'S consultant in preparing our AAP and being always available to answer questions when needed.Thank you Dyas Human Resources."

Frank Humphrey
Human Resources Manager
Adtran, Inc.

Testimonial from Jim Oakes, Director of Human Resources, Business Resource Solutions

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you, Jeanne and the entire Dyas Team for an outstanding job. Not only do your create excellent Affirmative Action Plans, you provide timely and professional support as required. In the spring of 2012, I received 5 audit letters from the OFCCP. Most Human Resource professionals would have panicked, but I simply picked up the phone and called the Dyas Team. The first audit was successfully completed in less than 45 days. I consider the Dyas Team a strategic business partner and a core member of our team."

Jim Oakes
Director of Human Resources
Business Resource Solutions

Testimonial from Linda Scalf, Human Resources, PeopleTec Inc

"I have worked with DYAS Human Resources Development for 3 years now, more specifically, Brian Carmichael. Brian has been key in developing our Affirmative Action Program, answering questions in a timely manner, and overall is just a great person to work with. Recently, our company went through an OFCCP Audit and DYAS represented us from beginning to end. I honestly don't know what I would have done without Brian's help during this process. He brings a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of HR, especially where OFCCP is concerned. I'm happy to report that we had no violations, largely in part to DYAS' help each year! I would greatly recommend DYAS Human Resources Development for any company to use for any services they may provide."

Linda Scalf
Human Resources
PeopleTec Inc.

Testimonial from Pamela L. Snell, Human Resources, Royal Cup Coffee

"I have used DYAS Human Resource Development service for several years. They are always there to answer and guide me through my HR questions and issues. Hands down, they are absolutely WONDERFUL."

Pamela L. Snell
Human Resources
Royal Cup Coffee